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My name is Davide Paderni and I am a self-taught photographer specialized in portraits. My passion for photography started ten years ago, during my first trip to Australia. Since then, photography has become a fundamental tool to tell the world through my eyes and has inspired me to explore exotic places such as Nepal, India, Cambodia and Indonesia, in search of the perfect portrait.

My approach to portrait photography focuses on researching the essence of the people I meet, trying to create a bond with the subject, in order to best represent them through the lens.

Main solo exhibitions 

2016 - Bookshop Udine (Udine), Italy

- Australia -

2017 - Arte Padova - Art exhibition  (Padua), Italy

- India &  Nepal - 

2019 - Palazzo Ferrajoli  (Rome), Italy

- Cambodia & Indonesia -

2019 - Vincenzo Joppi Civic Library (Udine), Italy  - The Smokers -


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